1. Will The Cibo fit on a round table?
yes, The Cibo is made of soft silicone and will stick to most wood, glass or granite counter tops, regardless of shape. Just make sure the eyes are on top!


2. Why the cutout?
The cutout was designed as a space for the plate or bowl. It’s an opportunity for your child to be introduced to the beginnings of proper dining etiquette.


3. Are their adult Cibos?
Eventually! In the meantime, please just place another placemat over The Cibo and you have your “adult Cibo”!


4. Can my child pull it off?
Well, the real answer is Yes, however, my answer is, No…that is, say “no, no” to your child. Children seem to love watching The Cibo eat their mess that they are not pulling at him. It is a very “playful” relationship!


5. What if I own one of those freaky rare kind of tables it won’t stick to?
Don’t worry! Simply add a plastic or wood placemat (even cutting boards work) under The Cibo and it should stick to that, allowing it to still catch their mess!


6. Is it dishwasher safe?
Yes, but good luck going without it during the dishwasher cycle! I use my Cibo so many times a day, it’s easier to just rinse it off!


7. What other uses does it have?
The Cibo is great for all those messy beads, crafts and legos. It’s a great place to put crayons so they don’t roll off the table. I use it under my cutting board when preparing meals, easily discarding my scraps. It’s great to hold popcorn during movie night. I’d love to see your uses for your Cibo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @thecibo