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I felt it was time I finally added the Recipe link so many of you have requested. Now, bear with me...I'm working on improving my very amateur photo skills =D.

It's been no secret that I love to cook, but I would happily welcome any of your wonderful recipes! Please email and put the name of your recipe in the subject line. I will either link to your blog or if you are an overworked mom like myself, who only dreams of having the time to blog, I will at least give you the recipe credit! You can find my first "blog" recipe for my favorite "go to appetizer" on the amazing site Best of Life Magazine 


Ok, so we’ve all been there…in desperate need of a last minute appetizer without having to trek all the way to the store. Oh how we all wish we could be her…you know who I’m talking about…the one that just throws it all together, creating things from her bare cabinets that somehow make that always impressive appetizer. Trust me, I’d hate her too, if I hadn’t become her myself! But, don’t hate me yet, because with a few simple recipes, I’m going to make everyone hate you as well!

You’re welcome.

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