"I bought 2 of these for my children and we all love them! The silicone is soft and flexible and the pouch collects quite a lot of mess that would otherwise be on my floor! It's easy enough for my kids (4 & 6) to put on the counter themselves and cute enough to leave out. I would definitely recommend this product." - Ann Lee, mom via Amazon


"I bought 2 of these for my 6 & 8 year old. Wow! What a great invention! My wife says she can't believe she endured the constant floor cleaning for so many years before! Just bought 2 more for Grandma's house. Great product, great gift. Oh, and kids love the cute little guy!"- WGC, dad via Amazon


"I use my Cibo for my 18 mos olds "appetizer" while I"m getting dinner ready..It is a great snack pouch for cheerios etc and it keeps him occupied! We also take it with us all the time to restaurants. I really should keep one in my car at all times. Of course as other reviewer said, it does a great job catching food crumbs that fall from the table. I have much less to clean up off the floor or off of my son:) This is a must have!" - Jennifer, mom via The Grommet


"This product is amazing! I was wiping/vacuuming my floors after all of my three year old's meals. The Cibo has a very large pouch that catches, not only the crumbs, but spills as well.The Cibo has made my life easier! It is easy to clean and adheres to any surface. I would highlyrecommend this product to anyone with children."- Susan Alton, mom via Amazon


"I received this as a gift and i want to take it everywhere! Food no longer falls on the floors for the dogs to get sick on :) My daughter also uses it when creating her art projects. makes for easy clean up! although itcan go in the dish washer it nevermakes it there as i need it!! Thanks CIBO!!"- Geri Bauer, mom via Amazon


"I can't say enough great things about The Cibo!!! I absolutely love it!!! I have four kids and it's a MUST have at our table for every meal! In fact my two year old asks for it before he even sits down to eat. "I NEED CIBO"he says. I would like to buy a bulk of them and give them out as presents for birthdays etc."- Averi, mom via The Grommet


"We have The CIBO in our home and have gifted this item to family and friends. We've found it to consistently stick to numerous surfaces, it catches 99.9% of cereal, milk drips, grapes, loose taco contents, rice and more rice, lost-stray noodles, sticky watermelon juice & seeds, raisins, crafting supplies, legos, and even spilled juice. We have natural slate floors that used to require a brush to scrub up food we missed. I've noticed our floors are cleaner, our chairs are more sanitary with no food particles left behind to get smashed in, I'm no longer hitting my head on our table after cleaning up the floor, and I'm not finding grapes or other food items dangerous to my doodles on the floor. Now, the .01% that isn't in The CIBO is because we are giving that food to our dogs by choice not from table spill over. In addition, my son is 12 years old, not a toddler, with very long arms and all his mess gets eaten up by The CIBO."- Jeannine, mom via The Grommet


"This is a brilliant idea! Last night more pasta went on the floor than in my son's mouth! I can't wait to use mine!" - Christie Lyn Smith, actress & mom


"Wonderfully inventive" - David J. Lasky, writer


"This is honestly so genius!" - Coffey Anderson, musician


"I love The Cibo and think that it is such a brilliant product! -Chandie Lawrence, wife of Joey Lawrence


"This is perfect, I can't wait to use it!" - Shanola Hampton, mom & actress


"Love this idea. Genius!" - Marci Walter